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On March 23, 2016, the Center for Innovation in Education and NGLC announced $2 million in Assessment for Learning Project grant awards for 12 projects. The grants support educators to fundamentally rethink the core roles that assessment can play to support student attainment of deeper learning. Read the press release.

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ALP RFL Icons-06.png Why? Purpose of the Grant

This grant opportunity is intended to catalyze new and improve upon promising efforts in assessment for learning design.

Goal One: Advance our understanding of assessment’s essential roles in the learning process, as learning models become more personalized, less cohort-restricted, more competency-based, and student-centered.

Goal Two: Help to inform and develop crucial enablers such as a) models of assessment and accountability system design, b) models of educator capacity building, and/or c) use of technology tools, all to advance Goal One. 

ALP RFL Icons-03.png What? Funding Priorities

The Assessment for Learning Project awarded grants for projects that directly address one or more of the following inter-related priorities. 


Advancing Goal One:

The design and implementation of models of on-going formative assessment and feedback that improve learning, deepen student agency, and increase college and career readiness.

Demonstrations that essential intra- and interpersonal skills and dispositions can be taught, learned, and assessed as a natural and necessary part of a child’s experience in public education.

Advancing Goal Two:

The development of models that build educator capacity to gather, interpret, and apply professional judgment based on multiple and varied forms of evidence across a wide range of student competencies.

The design and exploration of systems of aligned assessment and accountability policies that embrace and enable richer/deeper success definitions for students and multiple, varied forms of measurement of student progress towards those definitions.

The use of technology tools within systems of assessment to enable educators using formative assessment and related data to better inform instruction and a student-centered learning experience.







ALP RFL Icons-01.png Who? Grant Recipients

Following a Request for Learning (RFL), 148 proposals were submitted by schools, districts, state agencies, and nonprofits. Twelve projects were selected in March 2016 for funding, personalized technical assistance, high-quality learning experiences, and a national community of practice. 

Learn more about the Assessment for Learning Project grant recipients

ALP RFL Icons-04.png Community of Practice

The Assessment for Learning Project invites the field to #rethinkassessment. The ALP Community of Practice includes grant recipients, technical assistance providers, Advisory Group members, non-funded applicants, members of peer networks, and other educators who share a passion for how assessment is used to support learning. Follow @ALPinsights to stay connected. 

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