5 reasons why you should participate in #NGLCchat

Are you interested in next gen learning? Do you want to network with like minded peers, hear from experts, discover new tools, and join a next gen learning community? Then #NGLCchat is for you!

Every month #NGLCchat will focus on trending topics in personalized learning such as blended learning, student agency, and competency-based education.

Here are 5 reasons why you should attend the next #NGLCchat:

1) Discover amazing content

#NGLCchat features some of the best thinking from the trenches of next gen learning. Experts share the resources they are reading.



2) Network with peers

#NGLCchat is a place where experts, practitioners, and philanthropic foundations get togther to exchange ideas.





3) Find new tools and practices

Discover tools and research from the field. #NGLCchat attracts participants from the field who are eager to share best practices, effective tools, and research.





4) Learn about next gen schools

What is next gen learning like on the ground? Hear from schools who are practicing next gen learning everyday in the classroom.







5) Hear from actual students!

What about those who will benefit most from next gen learning, the students? They participate in #NGLCchat too!






Catch up on past #NGLCchats:

Join us for the next #NGLCchat January 7 from 7-8pm ET on Twitter.



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