Best of the Blog: November 2014

Gratitude. We all may feel it, but many of us don't express it often enough.

At NGLC, gratitude reverberates from grantees, partners, colleagues, and educators across the globe. It’s truly rewarding for us to help facilitate positive change in what is perhaps the world’s most important institution: education.

It’s time for us to share our appreciation. Thank you, readers, for sharing our posts with your colleagues and friends; for adding insightful comments and starting important discussions; and for continuing to light the path to more effective methods for teaching and learning for all students.

Here, we’ve compiled the very best our blog had to offer in the month of November:

Personalized Learning in K-12 schools

·      A new report from Getting Smart highlighting approaches to personalized learning in K-12 public education shares lessons from Breakthrough Schools across the country.

·      Powerful perspectives from teachers and thought leaders at the 2014 iNACOL Conference inspired a quote-filled post from NGLC’s Kristen Vogt.

·      Save on your travel budget: NGLC announced the launch of its Virtual Video Tour, which will provide behind-the-scenes insights from grantees this winter.

·      Social and emotional learning is a main focus at Thrive Public Schools in San Diego, Calif.; in this guest post from CEO Nicole Assisi and Dean Shelli Kurth, we learn how they teach students to build critical lifelong skills.


Technology and Innovation in Higher Ed

·      Bill Gates paid a visit to NGLC grantee Rio Salado College, where he discussed how the ‘college without walls’ serves as a springboard to success for nontraditional students.

·      Ball State’s Jonathan Blake Huer offered four steps to help you make informed technology decisions.

·      According to findings from the Building Blocks for College Completion report, early planning goes a long way in helping to minimize project disruptions. In closing out the infographic series, guest blogger Judith A. Pirani also profiled five ‘Innovations to Watch’ from the University of Central Florida and the University of Michigan, among others.

·      NGLC’s Holly Morris writes that faculty members’ resistance to tech-enabled change can actually be a good thing. (Really.)


Next month: we'll be bringing you more goodies -- guest perspectives, podcasts from the field, and resources to help you achieve your teaching and learning goals.


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