Coming Soon: Virtual Video Tours of Breakthrough Models Schools

Many educators have told us that their greatest learning opportunities emerge from visits and discussions with other breakthrough school leaders and teachers.

If only everyone had an unlimited budget and endless free time to travel around the country visiting some of the most breakthrough school models out there. Imagine what you’d learn and the ideas that you could bring back to our own school.

We’re inspired by the possibilities of bridging this gap for teachers and school leaders everywhere. Because of this, the NGLC team is now co-developing a series of virtual video tours with K-12 Breakthrough Model grantees from across the country to provide footage of what personalized and blended learning looks like in practice. The tour series will not only showcase innovative school models, but also will help to define and codify what blended and personalized learning means to the academic community.

What will the final products offer viewers?

MatchNext, an NGLC grantee, created a couple of virtual video tours earlier this year to share their practices and lessons learned with others in the field. Check out this Day-In-The-Life Snapshot of their school model, where they walk us through a typical school day at MatchNext for students, teachers and tutors. They also created a second virtual video tour in which they focus on their Human Capital Model and talk about the changing role of their teachers and tutors in the classroom.

Stay tuned as we bring you more on-the-ground glimpses into grantees’ breakthrough model designs!


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