Navigating the new landscape of ed tech, student privacy concerns, and big data

How do we keep formal education relevant? What can learning analytics tell us about student (and teacher) performance? What about student privacy?

With an increased focus on open content, big data, and the ‘Internet of Things’ permeating business and academia, it’s no surprise that K-12 education is now entering a great transition period. The advent of new technologies and the refinement of others, such as learning analytics, present an exciting opportunity for this generation. And also a daunting one…

Expectations of instructor skill sets are rapidly changing; not only must educators create authentic learning opportunities, but in many cases, they are expected to be adept technologists. Traditional approaches to learning are being widely debated and reevaluated.

How do you bridge the gap between early and late adopters? How does one rethink his or her role in this ‘deeper learning’ environment?

The latest release of the NMC Horizon Report seeks to answer these burning questions. A section that focuses on ed tech adoption addresses these challenges head-on, referring to them as solvable, difficult, and—my personal favorite—wicked. (The wicked challenges are of a macro-level nature and difficult to define, let alone solve.)

Read the NMC Horizon Report – 2014 K-12 Edition to catch up on trends, important developments, and how to address the challenges that may arise.


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