NGLC Resource: Start a campus conversation about breakthrough models

Use EDUCAUSE and NGLC resources to plan a professional development event exploring the future of higher education.  

By NGLC Staff  

The shifting forces challenging higher education, both within and outside the academy, have dominated countless newspaper headlines and led to a flurry of new books and research discussing trends and suggesting a new future for higher education. Most agree that the landscape is changing, but what does this mean for your institution? And what can institutions do to ensure they serve the needs of their student, now and in the future? In the midst of the “big squeeze” on finances, how do institutions contain costs while providing better service and ensuring greater student success?

At Next Generation Learning Challenges, we’ve glimpsed what the future might hold. Through our third wave of funding, we’ve supported the efforts of institutions to redesign academic programs to make them more personal, more flexible, and focused on the unique needs of today’s students. Without increasing costs.

Now, with the release of a new “EDUCAUSE on Campus” kit on “Exploring and Designing Breakthrough Models,” we’re hoping other campuses will start a conversation to rethink their own futures. 

EDUCAUSE on Campus is a workshop in a box. Each kit bundles EDUCAUSE resources – video, readings, and discussion guides – into programs that can be mixed and matched to develop your own campus workshop or professional development event.

This new kit, developed with resources from the NGLC Summer Learning Series, challenges participants to:  

  • Articulate and explain the key challenges facing the current higher education model.
  • Describe how information technology might make learning more personal and more efficient for today’s learners while addressing the 21st-century challenges they face.
  • Describe how information technology might help institutions rethink the current business model for higher education.
  • Demonstrate what new models might look like by developing a new course or program prototype.

The kit will continue to evolve as we add new resources and new ideas. After you explore, be sure to share your own in the comments.

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