The Rearview Mirror: The NGLC Blog in February

What’s trending in postsecondary next gen learning this month? In Trending Now: Postsecondary, Nancy Millichap connected us to the future of educational technology predicted in the 2014 Horizon Report as well as a joint response by 17 institutions, including NGLC grantees and program participants, to the Department of Education’s call for experiments with competency-based education. Van Davis of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board described the competency-based approach of the Texas Affordable Baccalaureate Program launched at South Texas College and Texas A&M University-Commerce in New Competency-Based Degree Program Prepares Graduates for Workforce.

Competency-based education was also a hot topic in K-12 next gen learning this month, too. In Activate Instruction Helps Summit Public Schools Personalize Learning, I introduce a brief on the Activate Instruction platform that enables Summit students to move through a personalized curriculum at their own pace until reaching mastery through assessment tools integrated with curriculum playlists. I also dive into the competency-based learning models of NGLC-funded K-12 breakthrough schools in Competency-Based Learning in K-12 Schools: how tightly specified the grade level and course boundaries of self-pacing are set, and how competency-based learning integrates with project-based learning, social-emotional learning, and redesigned staffing.

With conference season upon us, Nancy also shared some of the conversations NGLC staff, grantees, and program participants engaged in at the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative’s Annual Meeting this month within Hard Lessons in the Big Easy: The ELI Annual Meeting 2014. Those conversations went deep into the outcomes of innovation and how disruptive change occurs. Next, Holly Morris shared her perspective of the new EDUCAUSE Connect events based on her experience in Portland, Oregon earlier this month in What We Learned at Connect: Portland. NGLC staff are headed to EDUCAUSE Connect: Chicago (March 17-19) and EDUCAUSE Connect: Baltimore (April 30-May 2) for these highly interactive, action-driven professional development experiences to connect with peers around problem-solving key issues in higher education information technology. Next week we will be at the Innovations 2014 conference of our partner, the League for Innovation in the Community College. Learn more at

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