’s CRM system becomes a 21st century LMS

“I don’t ever remember having an educational institution that was on Fast Company’s Most Innovative list. That’s a fascinating perspective to bring to the market…”

Brian Peddle, the chief technology officer for College for America at Southern New Hampshire University, nods modestly at this introduction. The comment, which was made at a conference, was in response to College for America’s unique approach to competency-based learning. Peddle has led a transformative effort in many aspects – most recently, in converting a popular cloud-based sales tool into a Learning Management System (LMS).



If you’ve taken or taught postsecondary courses in the past 15 years, you have likely encountered the LMS as a user or administrator. Some institutions are now rethinking these systems, however, preferring to organize them around students instead of courses.

At College for America, shifting to a focus on students was essential for their student-directed degree program. And they found a good match in’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, which is designed around individuals – not groups. And so, with a small development team, College for America used the popular CRM tool to build its own student information system, an online coaching model, evaluator portals, student portals, and its own LMS – all in one year.

Interested in learning more? Find out how College for America repurposed Salesforce for their competency-based degree program in CfA Learning Environment [CLE], a 2-pager from NGLC that describes how this tool supports the academic program and includes screenshots from the innovative platform.

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