Take 5 Minutes to Create the Ideal 2016 ELI Lineup

Budgets. Technologies. Politics. Philosophies. Faculty and staff employed by community colleges, liberal arts institutions, teaching colleges and research universities may not feel that they have a lot in common with one another, yet all frequently encounter these (often divisive) matters.

Higher education is a constantly changing field and yet, in many ways, progress is often stymied by both internal and external factors. As a university educator or administrator, you know these challenges all too well. But you’re not here to ruminate; what you’re interested in is how to address them moving forward.

What if you could shape a year’s worth of panel discussions, webinars, courses and publications to suit what you firmly believe are the field’s emerging opportunities and most pressing concerns?

Imagine that you could hear from experts on seminal topics like the evolution of next generation digital learning environments, academic transformation, or integrated student advising services. Think of all that you could accomplish with the right resources, and the opportunity to have better informed discussions with your colleagues and institutional leadership.

I’ve got some good news: you don’t have to dream about it. The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative has made its 2016 Key Issues in Teaching & Learning survey available so that you can make your preferences known. In less than five minutes, you can rank your 5 key issues from the 20 nominated topics, and make an impact on ELI’s programming for 2016.

Your time and opinions are incredibly valuable; won’t you take a brief pause to share them?

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