A Transformational Career: Diana Oblinger’s interview with Inside HigherEd

In the span of one career, Diana Oblinger, EDUCAUSE’s president and CEO, has witnessed enormous changes in how educators teach, how students learn, and how institutions are managed. The common denominator and the scalable enabler of this change is technology, although technology alone cannot fully account for the advances that have taken place.

Change has been driven by passionate individuals like Oblinger, whose occupation as a university professor and tenure at EDUCAUSE have advanced the field in more ways than was thought possible just a few decades ago. Learning analytics, hybrid courses, digitized processes and cloud-based collaboration—among many other IT-supported innovations—continue to refine and reshape the higher education landscape.

Technology has enabled affordability, completion and quality in higher education. NGLC, which is managed by EDUCAUSE, actively challenges educators and innovators to demonstrate that learning science, technology, policy, and organizational processes have advanced far enough to enable associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs to be delivered at a cost of $5,000—our target goal—per student per year, while enhancing quality and getting more students to a degree.

In this interview with Inside Higher Ed, Oblinger discusses the influence of IT on higher education and vice versa, and how both fields serve to benefit for generations to come.

“When you consider the biggest strategic issues in higher education, the future is less about the technology and more about what we do with technology to address big issues such as affordably serving the needs of today’s diverse student population, helping students close the gap on the complex skills needed in today’s competitive world, or how to make institutions more efficient and effective through the power of crowds and clouds.”

-      Diana Oblinger, President and CEO

NGLC is managed by EDUCAUSE, the leading higher education IT association, in conjunction with several other partners.

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