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UCF’s Blendkit Takes Center Stage in MOOC Launching April 21

Become a blended learning designer by Memorial Day? It’s a possibility, thanks to a first-of-its-kind partnership between EDUCAUSE and the University of Central Florida, a 2011 NGLC Building Blocks grantee. EDUCAUSE has announced a five-week open course on blended learning, in partnership with UCF to offer BlendKit 2014: Becoming a Blended Learning Designer MOOC. The course, which kicks off April 21, will be free to all. Optionally, those who’d like to earn the portfolio-review-based UCF/EDUCAUSE Certified Blended Learning Designer credential and digital badge can do so a fee of $89. Drs. Kelvin Thompson and Linda Futch of the UCF Center for Distributed Learning will provide facilitated assistance to MOOC participants on designing and developing blended courses. Participants will consider key issues and gain practical step-by-step guidance in producing materials for a blended course.

The UCF-EDUCAUSE partnership to offer this MOOC has an NGLC backstory. The University of Central Florida (UCF), a developer of one of NGLC’s postsecondary Building Blocks for College Completion investments, designed and offered an open online course in summer 2011 to engage their partners from the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU) in using the UCF-designed Blended Learning Toolkit to create blended learning courses at 20 AASCU member campuses. When the course launched, the UCF instructors got a surprise. Not only did the faculty members and instructional technologists from the AASCU member campuses sign up in the expected numbers, but at least as many unaffiliated participants - a diverse group of other faculty members and instructional staff from across the US and beyond -  also signed on. UCF offered the Blendkit course a second time, in fall 2012, and again had an enthusiastic reception extending beyond the institutions of their partner association.

The collaboration with EDUCAUSE to offer an updated version of the course this spring, in the process branding it as a MOOC, demonstrates the interest on the part of both organizations in expanding awareness in the field of the robust knowledge base that the University of Central Florida has developed through its work with blended learning, both on its own campus and through the scaling effort represented by its NGLC project.

To learn more about UCF’s original project as one of the 29 Building Blocks for College Completion, see their grantee page. Interested in this MOOC as a learning opportunity for yourself or someone on your team? Enroll now - the course starts April 21 and runs for five weeks. For further details, see these sites:

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