Breakthrough Models Academy 2015

Developing the Next Generation of Innovative Higher Education Leaders The Breakthrough Models Academy is an EDUCAUSE Institute Program.

A Unique Three-Part Program

The Residential Program
The on-site program is four busy days of speaker sessions with leaders in the field and working sessions with their design challenge teammates and mentor coaches. This year the on-site program will be held in Chicago, IL from July 13-17.

The Coach-Supported Model Design Program
Following the on-site program, design challenge teams will meet with their coaches through connected online environments to create their own version of a 'breakthrough model' for student success that incorporates essential elements and builds on the information shared in the residential program.

The Model Design Presentation
Using a rubric, the Academy participants and a panel of education innovators will score each model plan. Exemplary plans wil be showcased at the ELI Annual Meeting and featured on the NGLC and EDUCAUSE websites.

The Academy's Goal

The Breakthrough Models Academy prepares current and emerging leaders to catalyze change by providing opportunities to challenge traditional thinking and design next generation learning models. Designing and accelerating the adoption of those models will require leadership, innovation, and the use of technology, providing a chance to design next generation learning models. Examples of breakthrough models among NGLC's grantees include: 

Breakthrough Models Incubator: Cohort 1
Northern Arizona University
Southern New Hampshire University
Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board


Participants said: 



Topics of Interest:

  • Affordability
  • Business Models
  • Accessibility
  • Student Completion
  • Student Retention
  • Faculty Roles/Development
  • Competency-Based Education
  • Pedagogy
  • Globalization

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