NGLC grants are made to address specific barriers to educational success. For secondary education, NGLC has launched two grant competitions: “Building Blocks for College Readiness,” and “Breakthrough School Models for College Readiness.”

College Readiness

NGLC announced a second wave of funding in January 2011 focused on a single, integrated challenge comprised of two interdependent elements: next generation approaches to learning content, and next generation assessments. Applicants were asked to describe their plans to develop and refine learning modules for 7th-9th grade core content, with a clear identification of how such modules might fit into larger learning sequences and capture Common Core standards-based performance data. Details are available in the RFP (now closed).

After receiving more than 230 initial applications, NGLC announced final winners in June 2011.

The Need

Despite billions of dollars spent to improve public education, nearly three of every ten students will not finish high school. The dropout rate is even higher – nearly 50 percent – among African Americans, Hispanics and low-income students.

We need to engage students through state-of-the-art pedagogy, technology, and assessment to accelerate student engagement and mastery of critical competencies. These tools can provide students and teachers with continuous, objective data that pinpoint individual areas of excellence and need. NGLC hopes to seed new models that take the best of what we know about learning, student support, and effective pedagogy to produce whole schools resulting in higher learning outcomes with the potential for scale.

Our Work

In July 2011, NGLC awarded 19 grants for interactive learning modules and embedded assessments designed to improve mastery of 7th – 9th grade level Common Core Standards in math and literacy. From game-based learning environments to rich media platforms, "Building Blocks for College Readiness" supports technology-enabled solutions to help students gain deeper learning competencies while providing teachers with data to inform their own approach.

In October 2011, NGLC launched a call for fundamentally redesigned, scalable whole-school models that combine the best of brick-and-mortar and online learning to result in more personalized, mastery-based learning for students. The third round of grants, "Building Blocks for College Readiness" attempts to address both a design and a cost problem: encouraging new learning models that provide rapid feedback, personalized approaches, and high learning outcomes at a massive scale. NGLC anticipates awarding 20 grants by the end of September 2012.

Learn more about Wave II: Building Blocks and Wave IIIa: Breakthrough Models, and read our blog concerning this round of grants posted on the site of its funder, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation