Community Guidelines

The NGLC blogs and forums are designed to be a free exchange of ideas, challenges, and solutions among innovators, educators, researchers, policymakers, and others. To participate in the forums, please take a moment to set up your NGLC login and profile. To become a blog contributor, please email

The Rules of Engagement

NGLC community tools are designed for open debate, discussion, and collaboration. However, please be mindful of the tone of your postings. A quick proofreading can help you avoid unintended misrepresentations of your idea and your tone.

  • Please be open about your needs and challenges but take care to protect your own privacy and security. Do not post personal information online.
  • Do feel empowered to share your projects and successes but do not use the forums only for promotion. If you have news to share, do so after actively contributing to the conversation. Avoid “selling” but encourage conversation.
  • All blog and forum content and ideas are available for reprint and sharing if you attribute the original author and location.
  • Please avoid posting messages that are hostile toward other community members. The NGLC community is dedicated to collaboration and sharing. Please maintain an appropriate tone of civility and discourse.
  • Do not link to offensive or illegal materials on the web or within your post. Avoid the use of profanity.
  • NGLC is not responsible for the content of any messages that are posted. We have the right, but not an obligation, to monitor content and activities on our community pages. We reserve the right to delete objectionable content and to ban users who repeatedly violate community guidelines.
  • For a community to flourish, it needs active and ongoing participation. Introduce yourself before contributing and return to the site to follow up with colleagues and continue the conversation.

We want the NGLC community to be a vibrant and safe place for all. If you see any user violating the community guidelines, please email