We may not be able to predict exactly what schools and colleges will look like – or should look like – ten years from now. But one founding principle underlies everything we do. This work is, first and foremost, about learning, with technology serving as an enabler of student success.

The potential for success in applying technology to solve educational challenges is being demonstrated in many places, in many ways. Our goal is to seek solutions with proven potential and to expand their reach to many more students so that dramatic improvement in college readiness and completion can be achieved. The NGLC mission spans secondary and postsecondary education. Although the institutional context and age of learners may differ, the problems facing students and educators are similar. NGLC, therefore, addresses college readiness and completion as a continuum of interrelated issues.

As the work of NGLC grantees comes to fruition, we will be featuring their stories and sharing their findings. In the interim, you can see snapshots of what’s possible when innovation and technology meet, by reading descriptions of their efforts. Imagine the possibilities if millions of students, rather than dozens, were able to benefit from these pioneering efforts.