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Archives include webinars and conference presentations. Event topics range from information about NGLC funding opportunities, lessons learned from grant recipients, and other issues related to next generation learning.


  • Breakthrough Models Incubator 2015

      For Leadership Teams Creating the Future of Higher Education The Breakthrough Models Incubator is generously funded by the BIll & Melinda Gates Foundation The Potential of Competency-Based Education The 2015 Incubator will bring forward competency-based education (CBE)...

  • Breakthrough Models Academy 2015

    The Academy Experience: Ready to unleash your imagination on the biggest problems challenging colleges and universities? Ready to collaborate with like-minded professionals from two- and four-year institutions from the across the U.S. and abroad to design potential solutions? The Breakthrough...

  • 2015 Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts Conference

    The fourth annual Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts conference is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20-Thursday May 21, 2015, and will be held at Bryn Mawr College. These conferences are intended as a forum for faculty and staff to share resources, techniques, findings, and experiences related to...

  • The MidSchoolMath National Conference

    About the Conference: The 2015 MidSchoolMath National Conference will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico on February 27-28, 2015, featuring Keynote Speaker, Dan Meyer: “Beyond Relevance and Real World.” The MidSchoolMath National Conference is the only national conference focused on...

  • Personalized Learning: Turning Lofty Aspirations Into Specific District Policy

    Speakers: Andy Calkins, deputy director, Next Generation Learning Challenges

    "Personalized learning" seems to be everywhere these days—in the instructional goals set by school districts, in state and federal policy, and in the promises made by educational technology companies trying to do business with schools. In recent years, school officials have...