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Archives include webinars and conference presentations. Event topics range from information about NGLC funding opportunities, lessons learned from grant recipients, and other issues related to next generation learning.


  • #NGLCchat: Making Data Useful in Next Gen Schools

    Join the conversation at #NGLCchat! Data, data, data. As practitioners we have access to A LOT of data and we know just how important the role of data is in instruction and learning. Choosing the next instructional move based on the data in hand, however, is hard to do well. Especially when...

  • #NGLCchat: Equity Part 2

    Exploring Innovation with an Open Heart View the Storify archive. [<a href="//storify.com/aroth/nglcchat-november-2016" target="_blank">View the story "#NGLCchat November 2016" on Storify</a>]  ...

  • #NGLCchat: Equity

    View the Storify archive. [<a href="//storify.com/aroth/nglcchat-october-2016" target="_blank">View the story "#NGLCchat October 2016" on Storify</a>] Join the conversation at #NGLCchat! Join NGLC staff,...

  • #NGLCchat: Project-Based Learning

    View the Storify archive.   Join the conversation at #NGLCchat! Join NGLC staff, featured guests, and prominent national leaders to discuss project-based learning. Featured Guests Andrew Miller, Buck Institute, @betamiller Michael Golden, Educurious, @...

  • #NGLCchat: Measures That Matter Most

    View the archive on Storify.   Join the conversation at #NGLCchat! Dive into the NGLC report, Measures That Matter Most: How Do Next Generation Educators Measure Success? Download the report Learn more at measuresthatmattermost.org Featured Guests Nichole...