LEAP Learning Framework

Enabling Personalized Learning Through the LEAP Learning Framework

Date and Time: 
Wednesday, April 27, 2016 12:00 EDT


View the recording: https://educause.acms.com/p7b0me4dxq9/


Do you want to get started with personalized learning, but don’t know where to start?  In this webinar, LEAP Innovations will share how their LEAP Learning Framework drives a new paradigm in K-12 education. Their framework was co-designed with experienced teachers and other experts in personalized learning. It defines the key elements of an approach to education that is focused on, demonstrated by, and led with the learner, connected meaningfully with mentors, peers and the community; and it provides concrete strategies for creating personalized learning experiences for students. You’ll also learn how principals and teachers can get 360 degree insights on personalization in their schools by taking the personalized learning teacher and student surveys this fall that were developed by LEAP in collaboration with American Institutes for Research (AIR).

Join this webinar to understand how school leaders and teachers can create an environment that enables learners to take more ownership and play an active role in their education. Gain insights on effective innovations, tools and strategies for personalized learning.


  • Chris Liang-Vergara, Chief of Learning Innovation, LEAP Innovations
  • Amy Nowell, Director of Research, LEAP Innovations

Chris Liang-Vergara is the Chief of Learning Innovation at LEAP and a Pahara Institute NextGen Fellow. Chris is a founding LEAP team member and has been critical to shaping many of the organization’s core initiatives, including most recently the LEAP Learning Framework. Named one of the Top 40 Innovators in Education in 2013 by the Center for Digital Education, Chris brings 12 years of experience in K-12 education to LEAP. Most recently, Chris led the transition to personalized learning for Firstline Schools. Every Firstline school he transformed experienced record academic growth.

Amy Nowell is the Director of Research at LEAP, leading the measurement and evaluation of personalized learning practices and use of edtech products in LEAP’s pilot and whole-school innovation programs. Working with LEAP's external partners, Amy is creating valid and reliable measurement tools aligned to the LEAP Learning Framework, including teacher and student surveys of teaching practice and edtech use, classroom observation protocols, edtech product usability heuristics, and standardized teacher and student technology product metrics. Before coming to LEAP, Amy served as an independent consultant on program evaluation and data systems. This work followed almost a decade at Chicago Public Schools, where she began as a data analyst on the issue of school dropouts. That work led to new ways to track students through high school. She went on to lead efforts to reimagine school scorecards and design processes for principal eligibility and evaluation.


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