#NGLCchat: End-of-Year Reflections

Date and Time: 
Thursday, June 23, 2016 19:00 EDT

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NGLC held its final Twitter chat of the school year on Thursday night, June 23, 2016 at 7 pm ET/4 pm PT. Our twitter chats have become a popular way for next generation educators to gather as a community, share resources and ideas, and gain insight on key topics.


  • Q1: What are you most proud of this year?
  • Q2: What was your “learning moment” this year? What did you learn?

Your school models are based on working hypotheses related to student learning. 

  • Q3: What hypotheses did you have about school/learning that proved accurate? 
  • Q4: What hypotheses did you have about school/learning that proved inaccurate?

Featured Guests:

  • Caroline Hill, Manager, Breakthrough Schools: D.C. at CityBridge Foundation 
  • Simon Rodberg, Principal and Dean Harris, Curriculum Coordinator, District of Columbia International School
  • Scott Frauenheim, Principal, CICS West Belden, Amanda Rychel, Chief of Staff, Distinctive Schools, and Brian Malkin, Next Generation Learning Coordinator, Distinctive Schools
  • Nicole Assisi, CEO Thrive Public Schools
  • Greg Klein, Rogers Family Foundation
  • Pamela Stiles, Incubator School
  • Stacy Kane, Founder, Washington Leadership Academy




What’s a Twitter Chat? A Twitter Chat is a guided conversation where users interested in a particular topic hop onto the social network to chat. The chat is given a hashtag, which makes it easy for anyone to identify the chat and participate. It’s a topic-driven conversation happening in real time, similar to a public chat room; it just happens to take place on Twitter.

#NGLCchat occurs once a month, each time featuring a different aspect of personalized learning. After a break in July, #NGLCchat will return in August.

Past chats:

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