#NGLCchat: Equity

#NGLCchat: Equity

Date and Time: 
Thursday, October 13, 2016 19:00 EDT

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Join NGLC staff, featured guests, and prominent national leaders to discuss equity.

Featured Guests

Chat Questions

Q1: What’s your definition of equity? If you have one, share your school or organization’s vision statement for equity.

Q2: What is privilege and why is it important to personally and systemically reflect upon?

Q3: What do you think the role of white people is in this work? What about people of color?

Q4: How might our organizations promote a nationwide equity agenda? Or, how might we use our resources to fund equity?.

It’s not always comfortable to discuss the inequities many of us face or our role in an education system designed to create and sustain inequity, and that’s the point. How can we choose differently or be responsible for choices if we’re not aware of them or willingly to reflect upon our own sense of privilege? How can we ask questions and reflect on our beliefs—conscious or unconscious—if we can’t interact with others in the spirit of learning?

We invite you to come get comfortable being uncomfortable with us.

It may sound like an odd opportunity. NGLC will provide some safe space to start a conversation that will continue at this year’s iNACOL conference in San Antonio. NGLC is building a toolkit of resources to support equity-focused discussions and a community of educators willing and able to lead learning that is  design for equity. The toolkit pulls from seven NGLC Regional Partner networks that are designing and operating next gen schools.

Learn About Equity in Next Gen Learning

These two blogs may offer an entryway into the link (or lack thereof) between equity and next gen learning:


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