#NGLCchat: Equity Part 2

Date and Time: 
Thursday, November 17, 2016 19:00 EST


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What is your greatest challenge when it comes to designing for equity? What are your needs? We’ll have equity experts on hand during this #NGLCchat to field your questions and offer support. Ask them any range of questions from tips for initiating and facilitating challenging conversations to hiring and designing next gen schools for equity. 

Our featured guests have developed and/or used the tools available in a new toolkit on designing for equity. The toolkit can be used by educators to develop an equity lens in professional learning, organizational growth, and school design and culture. This chat is intended to be responsive to you, the user. If you’ve reviewed some of the tools and have practical questions or user-based feedback to share, please join this chat to ask questions about using it in your own school context. We hope you’ll provide feedback that can help us improve it.

This is the second chat on equity that NGLC is hosting;  we hope to continue an open dialogue around issues of race, class, and equity in next gen learning innovations. In the first chat, participants and featured guests discussed how they define equity and privilege, the different roles we might have in this work, and how we could work together to promote a nationwide equity agenda. This Storify tracks the conversation of that chat.   Please join this important conversation and bring your ideas and questions. We look forward to connecting with you on Twitter!

Learn About Equity in Next Gen Learning

Access the new NGLC toolkit, Designing for Equity in Next Gen Learning The tools support equity-focused discussions and a community of educators willing and able to lead learning that is designed for equity. The toolkit pulls from seven NGLC Regional Partner networks that are designing and operating next gen schools.



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