#NGLCchat: Making Data Useful in Next Gen Schools

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Thursday, December 15, 2016 19:00 EST

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Data, data, data. As practitioners we have access to A LOT of data and we know just how important the role of data is in instruction and learning. Choosing the next instructional move based on the data in hand, however, is hard to do well. Especially when you are personalizing for individual students. In this month’s #NGLCchat we will have students, practitioners, and platform designers on hand to field your questions and share some successful approaches to the use and collection of data. Please join to share your data stories (the good, bad, and ugly) so we can learn together!

Featured Guests:

Chat Questions

Q1: What is the most valuable piece of data you collect or use? What makes it valuable?

Q2: What instructional supports are needed to make good use of data?

Q3: What technological supports are needed to make good use of data?

Q4: In the next 5 years, I hope there’s an all-star, reliable way to measure X.


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#NGLCchat occurs once a month, each time featuring a different aspect of personalized learning.

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