#NGLCchat Next Generation Curriculum

#NGLCchat: Next Gen Curriculum

Date and Time: 
Thursday, May 12, 2016 19:00 EDT to 08:00 pm EDT

Next Gen Curriculum...Wicked Cool Stuff to Fuel Next Gen Learning

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Recap Blog: Experts Share Wicked Cool Curriculum to Fuel Next Gen Learning


Join the conversation at #NGLCchat!

Join NGLC staff, featured guests, and other forward-thinking educators in a conversation about next gen curriculum. We hope to spur practitioners to share approaches, projects, content, resources, and curriculum from their next gen classrooms! Curious about what we mean by next gen learning and how it’s different from personalized or blended? Check out this blog by Andy Calkins, Deputy Director of NGLC.

Featured Guests:

  • Fullerton School District:
    • Dr. Robert Pletka, Superintendent
    • Jay McPhail, Assistant Superintendent of Innovation & Instructional Support 
    • Pablo Diaz, Education Innovation Specialist
    • Dr. Mathew Barnett, Director of Educational Services
  • Two Rivers Public Charter School:
    • Jeff Heyck-Williams, Director of Curriculum and Instruction 
    • Khizer Husain, Chief of Staff
  • Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School (Brooklyn LAB):
    • Eric Tucker, Co-founder
    • Erin Mote, Co-founder; and Executive Director of InnovateEDU
  • The Workshop School:
    • Katrina Clark, Teacher
    • Frankie Bonilla, Teacher


Q1: How does your next gen approach to curriculum differ from a more traditional approach?

Q2: Paint a picture for us -- what does next gen curriculum look like in your classrooms for your students and teachers?

Q3: Share with us one favorite lesson/activity from your next gen curriculum toolbox!

Q4: In which content areas do you utilize these next gen learning approaches? Why?

Q5: How do you include students across all levels of readiness (students well below or above the standard, ELL students, and others) while ensuring deeper learning outcomes?

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#NGLCchat occurs once a month, each time featuring a different aspect of personalized learning.

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