#NGLCchat: Schedules, Staffing and Space, January 2016

Date and Time: 
Thursday, January 7, 2016 07:00 EST to 08:00 pm EST
Tom Carroll, President Emeritus, National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future
Helen Griffith, Executive Director, e3 Civic High
Jonathan Hanover, Principal, Roots Elementary
Erin Mote, Co-founder, Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School, Executive Director of InnovateEDU
Jon Reinhard, Principal, West Generation Academy
Ray Schleck, Principal, Match Next

How can you use the structures of schedules, staffing, and space to support next gen learning?

We invite you to join us by following the conversation at #NGLCchat at the scheduled time and tweet your thoughts, share key resources, and interact with those in the field on this important topic. Don't forget to include #NGLCchat in every tweet!

About Twitter Chats

A Twitter chat is a guided conversation where users interested in a particular topic hop onto the social network to chat. The chat is given a hashtag, which makes it easy for anyone to identify the chat and participate. It’s a topic-driven conversation happening in real time, similar to a public chat room; it just happens to take place on Twitter.

#NGLCchat occurs once a month, on the first Thursday at 7pm ET, each time featuring a different aspect of personalized learning.

Schedules, Staffing and Space questions:

Q1: Why are schedules, staff, and space important for next gen learning?

Q2:How do you organize or use time differently to support next gen learning for adults and students?

Q3: What roles do the adults and students play in your next gen school, classroom, or model?

Q4: How do you organize space in your school to promote Next Gen learning?
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