NGLC is working on a robust knowledge center to provide key information, practical and strategic guidance, research, and analysis to our site visitors.

Stay tuned to see this center become a reality soon! These resources will identify what it takes for next generation learning to take root much more broadly than it is today, organized around six interdependent dimensions of goal-setting, methodology, and conditions necessary for growth:

  1. Defined learning goals for more comprehensive outcomes indicating readiness for college, career, and civic life
  2. Measurement of progress against those goals for formative and summative use
  3. Learning designs that are personalized and competency-based; that agilely provide supports and resources to students who need them; that are enabled by the deeply integrated use of technology, and continuously improved by cycles of feedback and revision
  4. Effective implementation that encompasses the fundamental restructuring of roles (among educators and students alike), budgets, schedules, environments, and practices
  5. Enabling conditions in the surrounding waters of policy, regulation, funding, and governance with which next generation learning models need to contend
  6. Rapid, broad, effective scaling to meet the scope of the need in the United States today

The question is not whether technology will transform our education systems, but what that evolution will look like and how it will unfold. Around the nation, innovators in and beyond education are developing and implementing technologies that can transform students’ ability to master knowledge  and concepts, and to personalize learning to their own pace and needs. NGLC shares information about proven models that catalyze rapid and significant improvements for all students.

NGLC seeks to ensure that each learner has a clear, well-supported pathway to success in college and career. We find, support, connect, and draw new knowledge from innovators and practitioners who are creating the technology tools and comprehensive education models required to bring about next generation learning at scale.