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  • We are interested in guest blogs that address next generation learning issues, strategies, and practices (see our Next Gen Topics pages to better understand our areas of focus). 
  • Our audience is made up of leaders in educational innovation (enabled by technology or not) in both K-12 and higher education. They are interested in fundamentally changing how learning happens in schools and colleges to dramatically transform outcomes for students.
  • Our audience is primarily school and district leaders and college administrators, education researchers and thought-leaders, and teacher-leaders. While parents and students may occasionally read our blog, our goal is to serve educators so they can better partner with and support parents and students. We certainly welcome blog submissions from parents and students to help us achieve that goal! But we do not post blogs targeted to parents or students. 
  • We do not post promotional pieces for providers of education products, services, and technologies, but we may be interested in sharing how educators and schools are using them to transform the learning experience, esp. through next generation learning strategies (see those Next Gen Topics again!)

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