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The Innovation: Mobile Enhanced Inquiry Based Learning (MEIBL)

Students roll up their sleeves and learn by doing with inquiry-based learning (IBL), completing projects and problem-solving activities in classrooms and laboratories. Mobile enhancement of IBL in STEM courses creates a more dynamic learning environment. Students view technique podcasts on their smartphones during labs, which is especially helpful for small-scale manipulations—like loading gels—that can be difficult to demonstrate to the class at large. They record images and video footage of their activities and laboratory data.

MEIBL @ California University of Pennsylvania


MEIBL @ Del Mar College



Results Achieved: MEIBL students expressed greater confidence while performing a given technique; better understanding in lab equipment operation; and greater readiness to perform their own experiments.

Their confidence impacted student outcomes. Data collected during an ACU two-semester chemistry course sequence showed a statistically significant increase in student expression of deeper learning. SRI, the project evaluator, reported student outcomes of 93% completion, 81% subject mastery, and 91% persistence.

Long term Goal: To foster MEIBL’s continued use in STEM courses and expansion into other disciplines.

Mobile-enhanced learning in the biology lab.

The Grant Project:

Abilene Christian University received a grant from NGLC in April 2011.

NGLC funded MEIBL training and implementation at the project partners, as well as encouraged broader exposure adoption though conference participation. Today, the project partners still use MEIBL on their campuses and promote it around the nation.


  • Del Mar College
  • California University of Pennsylvania