Altius Education Higher Education Breakthrough Models


With the NGLC grant funding awarded to them in 2012, Altius Education intended to build a robust data-gathering and analytics capability in their Helix learning platform. They planned to deploy Helix initially within their partnership with Ivy Bridge College of Tiffin University. Tiffin’s regional accreditor, the Higher Learning Commission, required Tiffin to end its Ivy Bridge College program in summer 2013. In fall 2013, Altius Education’s assets were acquired by Datamark, a Salt Lake City-based marketing company focused on the higher education market. Because of these significant changes, the developments planned with grant funding could not be completed, and Altius Education and NGLC agreed to end its relationship as a grantee in fall 2013. The work on the Helix platform and education models that produce high success rates for students from all academic backgrounds at a lower cost will continue as part of Datamark, who will work with colleges and universities to start or improve their online programs using the Helix platform and support practices. For more information about the acquisition, visit:


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Altius Education initial application deck
Application Deck, a snapshot of academic model