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Michael Davis
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Blended Learning
Course Model
Key approaches to Math On Demand (MOD)

The Innovation: Math-On-Demand+

Developmental math adds time and cost to students’ college completion goals, a notable concern for low-income, young adults. Many City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) students must take two or three semesters of developmental math before qualifying for a credit bearing math course. Math-On-Demand+ (MOD+) increases the pass rate for students’ first developmental math course and thereby decreases students’ time in developmental math.

MOD+ intensifies students’ learning time:  

  • Online, self-paced mathematics practice and instruction promote course work during and outside scheduled math class time.
  • Tutors work alongside instructors to increase individual attention.
  • Smart classrooms equipped with interactive white boards, a computer, and a document projector make classroom instruction more interactive.
  • A commercial early alert system enables 1) faculty to alert student support services about academically struggling students and 2) students to request appointments with their advisors and tutors. 
Math On Demand at City Colleges of Chicago
Math-On-Demand Presentation Overview

Results Achieved: The Spring 2012 MOD+ program posted encouraging results. SRI, the project evaluator, deemed MOD+ to be a project with significant positive average effects, meaning students earned better outcomes than those enrolled in conventional versions of the same course:

  • Two-thirds of students successfully completed the same developmental math course compared with less than half of students taking similar course without the MOD+ enhancements.
  • Throughout the CCC district, only 45% of students enrolled in Math 098 completed the course with a “C” grade or better. In MOD+ courses, this improved to 67%.

Long term Goal: To increase student success in developmental math.

The Grant Project: City Colleges of Chicago received a grant from NGLC in April 2011.

The NGLC funding enabled CCC to build the MOD+ program: install technology into math classrooms, launch the early alert system, and hire tutors for the MOD+ classrooms.

The project encouraged CCC’s continued refinement of its development math program: better student placement in courses, MOD+ tutor program expansion, math GRE prep course pilot, and ongoing early alert system use.


  • Harold Washington College
  • Harry S Truman College
  • Kennedy-King College
  • Malcolm X College
  • Olive-Harvey College
  • Richard J. Daley College
  • Wilbur Wright College