Knowledge Academies, Inc. K-12 Breakthrough Models

Primary Contact Name: 
Art Fuller
Funding Framework: 
Grant Type: 
National Planning
Start Date: 
Fall 2015
Startup Type: 
New School

School: KA High School
Grades Served: 9-12
Location: Antioch, TN
Operator: Knowledge Academies (KA)
Operator Type: Charter
Setting: Urban
Students at Start: 110
Students at Capacity: 440

Hallmark Feature: Learner ownership

  • Knowledge Academies currently runs a middle school, which attained the highest “Most Effective” rating from the Tennessee Department of Education in 2012-13. The charter organization is positioned to transition to more personalized learning environments utilizing blended learning, self-pacing, and mastery based credit.
  • The new high school’s academic model will center on 1) the individual student via personalized pathways and learner ownership, and 2) a community of youth and adult learners via blended learning teams (BLTs).
  • BLTs, comprised of 5-12 participants, will emphasize building communities and trust, peer observations and feedback, examining student work, and text-based discussions; they will meet at least four hours per week.
  • Students, staff, and families will be supported in transitioning to redefined roles of Learner, Learning Mentors, Teacher Facilitator, and Learning Coaches.
  • KA’s design principles hold all learners (youth – adult) to the same standards of accountability, using a standardized framework focused on learner ownership.