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The Innovation: OpenStudy

Students use social media like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook constantly to connect with friends and family. OpenStudy extends social media into learning, creating a global, 24/7 online student study group that uses peer-to-peer learning. OpenStudy’s support and social interactions make learning engaging and empowering for students.

Results Achieved: 130,000 students signed up for OpenStudy during the grant period. The OpenStudy team surveyed students’ agreement with the following statements:

  • Over three-quarters (79%) agreed: “I am more motivated to study since I started using OpenStudy.”
  • Seven-in-ten (70%) believed: “I have seen improvements in my grades since I started using OpenStudy.”
  • Over two-thirds (69%) felt: “My study habits have improved since I started using OpenStudy.”

Today, over 2 million students from 160 countries comprise the OpenStudy community. They engage in 190 study groups, offering explanations to thousands of questions daily, ranging from mathematics to writing. Most responses occur within five minutes.

Long term Goal: Access to free study help is a basic right for everyone, and OpenStudy will offer it free and for millions.

OpenStudy Demo
OpenStudy Demo Video
OpenStudy's Preetha Ram at TEDxSanJose
TEDxSanJose: Open Study's Preetha Ram on Teaching it Forward
OpenStudy and Back to School
User Video: Back to School Pains
OpenStudy user video
User Video: What OpenStudy Is to Me


The Grant Project:

OpenStudy received its Building Blocks for College Completion program grant in April 2011.

OpenStudy scaled adoption to 26 institutions that use Open Education Resources and Open Courseware during the grant period.  In addition, the project team developed technologies to provide 24/7 help and engagement for student members, and demonstrated learning outcome improvement through self-reporting grade surveys.

In five years, OpenStudy plans to engage millions of students worldwide through web and mobile apps. Planned enhancements include scaffolding to help novices transition to experts and training programs for future STEM teachers.