Roosevelt Middle School K-12 Breakthrough Models

Oakland Unified School District, NGLC in Oakland
Primary Contact Name: 
Cliff Hong, Principal
Funding Framework: 
Grant Type: 
Regional Launch
Start Date: 
Fall 2016
Startup Type: 
Complete Redesign
Roosevelt Middle School, NGLC in Oakland

School: Roosevelt Middle School
Grades Served: 6-8
Location: Oakland, CA
Operator: Oakland Unified School District
Operator Type: District
Setting: Urban
Students: 548

Blended Model Types: Station Rotation, Lab Rotation, Individual Rotation and Flex

Key Features: Project-Based and Experiential Learning, Social-Emotional Development, Civic Orientation

The Operator: Oakland Unified School District is a public education school district that operates about 100 elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools in Oakland, California. Our mission is to build a Full Service Community District focused on high academic achievement while serving the whole child, eliminating inequity, and providing each child with excellent teachers, every day.

The Academic Model:

  • Three Main Instructional Strategies: Personalized Learning, Real World Application, Whole Child Approach
  • Science: Project Based Learning, Design Thinking, Making, Next Generation Science Standards
  • Math: Teach to One, Station Rotation
  • Humanities: Project Based Learning, Culturally Relevant Curriculum, Digital Portfolios
Roosevelt Middle School, NGLC in Oakland

The Organizational Model:

  • Block Scheduling
  • Cored classes [Science/Design, Humanities]
  • 1:1 devices