University of Hawaii Higher Education Tech Innovation

Student perspectives on University of Hawaii's STAR registration system

The Innovation: STAR

Students are key to STAR’s success. The University of Hawaii hired student ambassadors at each of its campuses to train students about STAR, which increased student awareness and usage.

Mapping a precise course of studies can reduce a student’s time and number of credits to degree completion, but changes in majors, an unexpected course requirement, and other circumstances can derail the most carefully crafted plans.  The University of Hawaii’s STAR intelligent web application helps students avoid these unpleasant surprises.

STAR, and its intelligent scholarships-matching tool, enables students to plan a clear path to degree completion. With STAR, students can:

  • Access course information at all UH campuses
  • Plan course schedules
  • Transfer credits
  • Find scholarship information
  • Communicate with advisors and other students

The result is an academic pathway that illustrates a student’s progress as a narrative over time, including a projected graduation semester.

Results Achieved: 

  • SRI, the project evaluator, reported that students signed on to STAR a total of 23,509 times, more than twice the project goal of 10,000 times.
  • STAR student usage increased more than anticipated, up 9% during the project period.
  • Hawaii Community College, the campus with the highest STAR adoption rate during the project, experienced a very significant increase in completion rates for both Pell-eligible and non-Pell eligible students.
  • The overall graduate rates for degrees and certificates awarded by all UH campuses increased by 7%.

Long term Goals: To increase students’ access to information when they register for classes to help them make choices that lead to college completion.

The Grant Project:

The University of Hawaii received an NGLC grant in April 2011.

NGLC funding enabled the University of Hawaii to scale STAR to other UH campuses and to increase student use of the system. The project team enhanced system capabilities, hired student ambassadors, and developed system-wide policies and procedures directly related to the NGLC project. Today, the university continues to enhance STAR and encourages adoption of STAR-like systems across states.