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Funding Framework

Funding Framework

NGLC makes investments in both K-12 and Higher Education. Grant recipients create new models for breakthrough change in the design of schools and degree programs as well as individual technology-enabled tools and strategies. Select one of the blocks in our Funding Framework grid to learn more about the types of innovation we support and the college readiness and college completion goals the grant recipients are trying to achieve.


Grant Recipients

Educators who are rewriting the rules of the classroom are meeting diverse needs and supporting rigorous academic study for all. 

K-12 Breakthrough Models

Learn more about the school developers who are creating entirely new ways of doing school through personalized, competency-based, blended learning models that catalyze transformative change.

K-12 Assessment

Dive into the cutting-edge work of educators who are fundamentally rethinking the core role of assessment to support deeper learning and are actively catalyzing innovations in the design of assessment for learning.

K-12 Tech Innovation

Discover the developers of middle school learning technologies, digital platforms, and tech-enabled learning modules that were designed for Common Core State Standards.  

Higher Education Breakthrough Models

Explore the postsecondary degree programs that incorporate personalized, learning science-based, online and blended learning academic models of the highest quality and at a low-cost. 

Higher Education Tech Innovation

Dive into the grant recipients breaking down barriers to cross-institutional adoption of four tech-enabled innovations: blended learning, open core courseware, deeper learning and engagement, and learning analytics.