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Today’s students need to develop a broader and deeper set of competencies as they forge their futures in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world.

What competencies has your school defined for its students?

Educators need to design schools and learning experiences that directly support success across these competencies for their students.

How does your school’s learning design help students develop these richer, deeper competencies?

Students and educators need to gauge progress on those competencies in an integrated, authentic way that actively supports learning.

How does your school’s design for assessment gauge and advance richer, deeper learning?

These are the Three Big Questions to Leap into Next Generation Learning. MyWays helps you and your school, district, or charter organization create answers that work for your students and your community.


Create Answers That Work

In this beta toolbox, we provide educators and their communities with tools to develop and activate answers to the Three Big Questions. We recommend educators use these tools in any of these ways:

  • Design with the end in mind - keep the broader, deeper competencies front and center.
  • Keep track of the “through line” - ensure meaningful links between competencies, learning, and assessment.
  • Self-assess your design - enable teachers, administrators, and students to reflect on current practice and review progress.

Click the number to access the tools within each section and begin creating answers that work for your students, your school, your community!


Define Competencies

  • 20 competencies organized in 4 arenas
  • Competence as the union of capability & agency
  • A personal profile displaying competencies in a holistic way


Design Learning

  • Field of learning linking thinking skills & authenticity of experience
  • Whole game learning and junior versions
  • Levers for capability & agency
  • Wider learning ecosystem


Design Assessment

  • 2 shifts: greater authenticity & multiple, varied measures, with 5 assessment strategies:
  • Formative assessment
  • Performance assessment
  • Multiple, varied measures
  • Badges, micro-credentials
  • Quality reviews

About MyWays

NGLC has been incubating the MyWays project since 2014. It was initiated to help NGLC K-12 Breakthrough Model grantees and other forward-leaning educators examine the depth and clarity of their answers to the Three Big Questions of next generation learning. 

MyWays balances research and practice. Not only does it incorporate current research in education, youth development, and other fields, it also reflects the perspectives, input, and lessons learned by the innovative educators in the NGLC network who have been engaged in school redesign since 2011. A group of educators has formed a community of practice to learn together as they bring MyWays to their school communities.

MyWays is led by the primary researchers and authors, Dave Lash and Dr. Grace Belfiore. The project is supported through a grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, with additional support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,  the Barr Foundation, and the Oak Foundation.

A complete toolbox and comprehensive set of reports on the research is expected to be announced and distributed in 2017. For more information, contact NGLC’s Director, Andy Calkins.

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