Our Approach

NGLC grants target specific challenges that address barriers to educational success. Each Request for Proposals outlines the challenges, states the value and number of grants to be made, and provides direction for proposal development.

NGLC has awarded over $40 million to date, supporting a wide range of organizations, including colleges and universities,  start-up companies, state agencies, and associations working with school districts.

Projects vary—from designing a national virtual middle-school math competition to the launch of a new college division for personalized learning. All NGLC projects embody tech-savvy thinking, a deep understanding of learning, rigorous assessment, and creativity.

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An Important Mission

NGLC seeks to ensure that each learner has a clear, well-supported pathway to success in college and career. We find, support, connect, and draw new knowledge from innovators and practitioners who are creating the technology tools and comprehensive education models that bring about next generation learning at scale.

NGLC-funded projects (116 projects) are testing and scaling new models, compiling evidence of what works, and accelerating adoption of approaches that work. NGLC projects span secondary and postsecondary education because next generation learning knows no boundaries.

NGLC strives to dramatically improve college readiness and completion, particularly for low-income students and students of color, by identifying promising technology solutions. The NGLC mission spans secondary and postsecondary education (grades 6-16). Although the institutional context and age of learners may differ, the problems facing students and educators are similar. NGLC, therefore, addresses college readiness and completion as a continuum of interrelated issues.

We will be featuring NGLC grantee findings as the projects are completed. In the interim, you can see snapshots of what’s possible when innovation and technology meet by viewing our grantee profiles.