K-12 Learning Resources

Educators want to improve the learning experience for all of their students. Next generation learning strategies are making it possible to expand beyond “teaching to the middle” to personalize learning according to individual pace and needs. Shifting to learner-centered classrooms requires a whole set of new resources.

The K-12 resources available here can help teachers and school leaders tailor learning experiences for individual students and take on the mindset required to put students at the center of education. We provide models of new learning designs, practitioner-created learning tools, and examples of how they are put into practice in next generation schools and classrooms across the nation. District, charter, and school leaders may use these educational resources in many contexts:

  • Planning and designing a next generation learning program, initiative, or whole school
  • Putting blended learning, competency-based learning, and project-based learning strategies into practice within a classroom or across a school
  • Using data from digital content to inform instructional next steps
  • Increasing student voice and choice in what they learn and how they learn it
  • Rethinking assessment as a key element of the learning process
  • Evaluating current next gen approaches and best practices
  • Finding support through a community of like-minded educators

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