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NGLC does not take the word “breakthrough” lightly. It reflects the nature of the student outcomes we seek: dramatically, not marginally, improved. And it characterizes the degree of change in students’ learning experience we believe those outcomes require: fundamentally, not incrementally, different. Personalized learning is a key feature of any breakthrough model.

Breakthrough models are entirely new or substantially transformed schools or degree programs, designed around each student to produce breakthroughs in student learning, high school graduation, and college completion--particularly for low-income students and students of color.

They are game-changers, breaking the inertia that has prevented educational reform from making dramatic improvements needed for the nation’s youth.

K-12 breakthrough school models are new kinds of schools in which the learning is

  • Student-centered, mastery-based, and blended
  • Delivered on regular public funds
  • Able to serve the scale of students the need requires

Higher education breakthrough models are associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs that are high-quality, accessible, and affordable for large numbers of students. Institutional and organizational innovators designed these next gen online and blended programs to produce breakthroughs in completion rates and time to completion, all at a price of $5,000 per student per year or less.

The Breakthrough Models Incubator brings leadership teams of forward-thinking colleges and universities together for an opportunity to explore the latest innovations in new business and learning models for higher education, particularly in competency-based education.

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