Learning Analytics

Like all of the indicators, gauges, and lights on a car dashboard, learning analytics collects data from multiple sources and presents the information clearly so that the “driver” can take action. NGLC has funded efforts to scale learning analytics solutions. Many breakthrough degree programs, as well as K-12 schools, incorporate learning analytics to help guide students along their personalized pathway to success.

Learning analytics are used by grant recipients as part of early-warning systems to identify students who are struggling so that faculty, advisors, and students themselves can take action. Teachers and instructors are using learning analytics to understand how individual students and groups of students are moving through digital curriculum in order to customize their instruction. Students are using learning analytics to plan their educational goals and track their own progress. 

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Learning Analytics Grant Recipients

K-12 Breakthrough Models

  • InnovateEDU INC

    Game-based blended learning for high-need, ELL & special ed students

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