Developmental Education

According to a joint statement from the Charles A. Dana Center, Complete College America, Education Commission of the States, and Jobs For the Future, half of all undergraduates and 70 percent of community college students in the U.S. take at least one developmental course, and their college completion rates are dismal: only about a quarter of community college students who take a developmental course graduates within eight years.

NGLC’s investments across the four areas of our funding framework attempt to change this dynamic by looking for new models, new strategies, and dramatically improved outcomes.

  • Higher ed tech innovation grant recipients have developed blended learning course models, supplemental resources, and analytics-driven interventions to help students complete the developmental sequence prepared for success in college-level coursework.
  • Some grant recipients are bringing developmental coursework into high school or alongside college credit-bearing coursework.
  • K-12 breakthrough models are focused on graduating students who are college ready and can bypass developmental education altogether.

These individual innovations, when taken together, may have the power to transform systems and improve outcomes on a national scale.

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