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Professional learning in maker education for teachers

A Practitioner's Guide to Next Gen Learning

Here, you'll find tools, strategies, and examples of next gen, personalized learning in practice. The "Friday Focus" started out as a e-mail to NGLC grantees. Within it, NGLC staff curated a set of resources around a particular aspect of personalized, next gen learning implementation. It has since grown into the valuable resource displayed here because next generation educators have valued the content it provides. As NGLC staff has traversed the country, we report on and share what we see happening in next generation schools. We ask the innovative educators in our network to share the tools they are using in their classrooms. We attend trainings, workshops, and design meetings and share what happens as next gen educators learn together. 

We release new editions twice a month, so bookmark this page and come back often. Please contact us if you are struggling with a particular implementation challenge and we'll see if we can put together a "Friday Focus" on that topic. Let's learn together!

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