Next Gen Learning

Six dimensions of next generation learning

From a student’s perspective, next gen learning is...

  • Personalized to the ways I learn best
  • Flexible so that I can try different ways to learn
  • Interactive and engaging so that I participate in the learning
  • Relevant to the life I’d like to lead
  • Organized around my own progress against goals I understand
  • Constantly informed by different ways of demonstrating and measuring my progress
  • Collaborative with teachers and peers, unlimited by proximity
  • Agile and supportive when I need extra help
  • Challenging but achievable, with opportunities to become expert in an area of interest
  • Available to me as much as it is to every other student

Next gen learning will take root more broadly than it is today when we focus on six dimensions—define, measure, design, implement, enable, scale. Only then will next generation learning help more students complete high school and college, at a reasonable cost.

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