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Personalized learning model for higher ed

In an education model where students are truly at the center, learning is tailored to individual students' strengths, needs, and personal interests. Learning opportunities take into account existing knowledge, skills, and abilities, set high expectations, and push students in supportive ways to reach their personal goals.

In NGLC’s K-12 work, the outcomes we seek are high rates of growth as students work toward college readiness. Situated within flexible learning environments, learning experiences are built upon learner profiles and personal learning paths, and students move on when they demonstrate mastery. Personalized learning schools must be financially sustainable and scalable so that all students can reach their academic and life goals. See the Personalized Learning School Design Attributes.

The definition of personalized learning is rapidly evolving and its difference from other Next Gen Topics—like next gen learning and blended learning—may not be clear. Personalized learning can take place in digitally enhanced environments or not. NGLC proposes that next gen learning incorporates personalized learning and that seamless integration with technology is needed to implement it effectively, affordably, and at significant scale. For more explanation, read Moving Towards Next Gen Learning on our blog.

The concepts are similar in higher education. In personalized learning, no two educational experiences need to be the same but the college degree carries the same certification of what any student knows and can do. Personalized learning can involve credit for prior learning, customized pathways through a rigorously defined competency set, multiple options for developing and demonstrating competency, coaches and mentors who guide students as they craft their own educational experience, and outcomes that have meaning for each student—degree completion, workplace skill sets, and career advancement. 

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Personalized Learning Grant Recipients

K-12 Breakthrough Models

K-12 Tech Innovation

  • Gooru

    Teachers create, curate, and share collections of standards-aligned web resources

  • LearnZillion, Inc.

    A learning platform of high-quality Common Core lessons

Higher Education Breakthrough Models

  • College for America

    Competency-based curriculum built around applicable student projects and real-world job skills

  • New Charter University

    Online university with competency-based, self-paced, outcomes-driven curriculum

  • Northern Arizona University

    Students choose their own path in the flexible, accessible, and efficient Personalized Learning Division

Higher Education Tech Innovation

  Models Tech