Virtual Video Tours of Next Gen Learning Schools

Take a virtual tour of innovative schools to see next gen learning in action. Each video tour showcases key components of blended, competency-based, personalized learning at NGLC’s breakthrough schools and other K-12 schools across the country that are transforming learning. Valuable resources are included with each video.



Virtual Tour: 
Model Overview & Human Capital

Tour the physical space, instructional model, hardware, and software. Then dive into this middle school’s tutoring-based personnel model.

Site: Match Next, Boston, MA

Tags: typical day, small group instruction, staffing


Virtual Tour:
Personalized Learning Cycle

Hear the operator’s CEO, teachers, and a student talk about the four phases of personalized learning: Learn, Conference, Apply, and Assess.

Site: Merit Prep, Newark, NJ

Tags: personalized learning, student agency, data-driven instruction, feedback loops




Virtual Tour:
District-based Blended Learning

Sit down with the district superintendent and principal as they trace the school’s journey to adopt blended learning; then visit a classroom to see blended learning in action.

Site: Curtner Elementary, Milpitas, CA

Tags: blended learning, design thinking, change management, teacher autonomy, personalized learning, student engagement, student agency, small group instruction


Virtual Tour:
Shadow a 6th Grader


Join Evan who walks viewers through her day, showing personalized digital learning in her classes and how she is surrounded by support.

Site: Whittemore Park Middle School, Conway, SC

Tags: blended learning, rotational model, student engagement, data-driven instruction