Supports for K-12 Breakthrough Model Grantees


Two Types of Support

We offer opportunities & services as well as multimedia products & tools. We listened to you, our national grantees and Regional Partners, to develop this offering. It is open to all NGLC K-12 Breakthrough Model grantees; some supports are also open to the field at large. For more information, contact Stefanie Blouin.




Opportunities & Services

Find new grants, site visits, meetups, webinars, Twitter chats, NGLC Exchange, and other ways to connect and learn from your peers. Learn more...



Multimedia & Tools

Contribute to and collect resources from Friday Focus e-mails, Virtual Video Tours, blogs, and tools to share information and resources. Learn more...


Opportunities & Services

New Grant Opportunity: Assessment for Learning Project

The Center for Innovation in Education and NGLC invite applications to the Assessment for Learning Project. The grants will support educators to fundamentally rethink the core role(s) that assessment can play to support student attainment of deeper learning. Nearly $2 million is available for 12-15 grants. Applications are due December 10, 2015. Informational webinars will be held with NGLC Program Officer Tony Siddall on November 4, 3pm ET and November 12, 4pm ET. To join, visit

NGLC Site Visit Series

This year we are offering our grantees a new and compelling line-up of school visits across three regions of the country: Bay Area; Washington, D.C.; and Philadelphia, PA to allow regional partners, regional plannng grantees, national launch and planning grantees to reflect on their own models by learning more about their peers' models. We hope that the in-person convenings structured around school visits will promote rich conversation, dialogue, deep connections, networking opportunities, and reflection. We will limit the size of the groups in accordance with hosts’ preferences and the design of their consultancy. NGLC will try to accommodate grantees’ number one choice whenever possible. Detailed information.

Cross-Region and Cross-Grantee-Pool Informal Meetups

Taking advantage of special events organized by grantees and partners, and of proximity between national grantees and Regional applicants and planning grantees. (Grantee led)

Meetups at Major Conferences

Taking advantage of attendance at major conferences, grantees can engage in informal get-togethers of NGLC community members at major education conferences. Organized by NGLC, agendas will reflect needs generated by those in attendance. (NGLC team)

  • iNACOL, November 8-11, 2015 - Please complete this survey if you plan to attend. Friends of NGLC Reception will be held on November 10 from 6:30-8:30 pm at IL Mulino NY Trattoria located at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort.

  • SxSWedu, March 7-10, 2016 - More information will be available closer to date.

Access to NGLC Platform: NGLC Exchange

The NGLC Exchange is a custom-designed platform for NGLC grantees and will serve as the communication, collaboration, and design hub and NGLC Main Street, the launching point where it all begins. All grantees and partners have access to key networks, learning pathways, the KnowledgeBase, and Design Tools. Links to the NGLC website, NGLC blog and Blend My Learning blog are found in the NGLC Exchange making this your one-stop-shop. A new version of the platform with enhanced user-interface and new features to support collaboration, networking, and learning will be released this fall.  For more information, email Stefanie; to obtain a login, please fill out this short form.

Area School Visit Co-op

Within the NGLC Exchange Main Street Network, schools in our community can list, view, and act on opportunities to visit other schools.  (Grantee led)

Webinars and Expert Sessions

Guidance in key, high-priority topic areas to support design and implementation of blended, personalized learning will be offered to our grantees.

  • Gooru Schools Collaborative. Thursday, October 22, 2015, 1 pm PT/4 pm ET. In this webinar, Gooru and Leadership Public Schools (LPS) will discuss the partnership amongst five California districts and CMOs working to innovate and build the tools to support personalized learning at all levels. Donna Park, Community Manager at Gooru, will present the Collaborative’s approach to tackling the innovation challenges in education, demonstrate features in Gooru co-created by educators and students, and review the Collaborative’s impact so far. Prasad Ram, Founder of Gooru, and Louise Waters, CEO and Superintendent of LPS, will join Donna to discuss how NGLC grantees can leverage and contribute to Gooru. Recording and slides

  • MyWays: Defining Student Success & Learning Design. Wednesday, October 28, 1pm PT/4pm ET. Webinar for interested grantees to walk through the MyWays tools and the extensive research and analyses that lie behind them. The primary MyWays researchers and authors, Dave Lash and Dr. Grace Belfiore, will be joining us. Recording

  • MyWays: Learning Design & Assessment. Friday, November 6, 12pm PT/3pm ET. Webinar for interested grantees to walk through the MyWays tools and the extensive research and analyses that lie behind them. The primary MyWays researchers and authors, Dave Lash and Dr. Grace Belfiore, will be joining us. Recording  

#NGLCchat: NGLC’s K-12 Twitter Chat Series

Looking to engage with other forward-thinking educators on topics related to personalized learning? Join NGLC staff and special guests for guided conversations, every first Thursday of the month for an hour starting at 4pm PT/7pm ET.

Products & Tools

For all grantees and the field at large

Friday Focus

NGLC’s Friday Focus brings you information, curated tools and resources, and an inside perspective on personalized learning. Access the archived editions.

Grantee Profiles and Grantee Webpages

The profiles represent a great way for interested educators, innovators, researchers, funders, and policymakers to sift through and learn about NGLC-funded breakthrough models. For grantees, they represent a useful and updatable online presence within a prominent national cohort of next gen learning models. We also maintain a web presence about your school models; you can search and filter by key aspects, and can send news and updates about your schools to Kristen Vogt

Virtual Video Tours

NGLC will co-develop virtual video tours with grantees to provide footage of what personalized/blended learning looks like in practice. Check out these virtual video tours. Learn more about the project and contact Silke if you’d like to participate. Stipends will be issued for the first twenty videos.

Representing a community of blended learning schools and practitioners, offers a venue for educators who are working in the blended-learning space to share their experiences, lessons learned, and blended learning journey. Contact Silke Koester to submit a blog post.

Next Gen Learning Blog

These select blogs offer grantees information about next gen learning topics of interest to support implementation, practice, and reflection. Be sure to check the first blog in our current series featuring NGLC Regional Fund Partners. Contact Kristen Vogt to submit a blog post. 

Tools and Templates

Next Gen Tools SeriesBriefs that profile grantee-generated tools, including artifacts to use.

RETHINK: Planning and Designing for K-12 Next Generation Learning Toolkit: This toolkit from NGLC and iNACOL is for K-12 district, charter, and school leaders to use in the very early stages of conceptualizing and designing a next generation learning program, initiative, or whole school.

Next Gen Tools Development: In partnership with 2Revolutions, NGLC is producing these tools, featuring templates for use/adaptation by grantees.

  • GPS of a Breakthrough Model Design: An interactive tool showcasing the development of a breakthrough model from ideation to implementation featuring NGLC grantee schools, Piedmont and Intrinsic.

  • NGLC Lab: Breakthrough Schools Resource Library: An e-library of key resources, housed on NGLC’s Exchange, to support implementation and refinement of breakthrough models of personalized learning.

  • A core set of toolkits aimed at providing a curated set of resources around key topics with synthesis and analysis to help solve breakthrough model designers' and implementers' most difficult challenges. Topics may include but are not limited to: personalized learning plans and learner profiles, use of time and schedules, student agency, assessment (performance-based, formative, self), learning management systems, digital content, and hardware.