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In massive multiplayer games, players are engaged, resilient and persistent, and they work together to tackle complex problems. At the 2013 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, Jane McGonigal—a game designer with a social justice mission to solve the world’s most intractable challenges through games—presented research evidence to demonstrate these deeper learning and social-emotional benefits of gaming.

NGLC grant recipients are harnessing student engagement and collaboration through their own educational game designs. Others are incorporating effective features of games—reward systems, sequential levels of challenge, competition, and collaboration—into their non-game academic models to achieve similar 21st century outcomes.

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K-12 Breakthrough Models

  • Education for Change

    This charter middle school integrates gaming & engineering design with blended learning

  • InnovateEDU INC

    Game-based blended learning for high-need, ELL & special ed students

  • The Incubator School

    Partnership "pilot school" with Los Angeles Unified, entrepreneurship-themed

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