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Next generation learning requires a different kind of instruction in a different kind of learning environment with new roles for educators. It demands a new mindset and different skills for faculty, counselors and advisors, and administrators. Few educators enter breakthrough model schools and degree programs with prior experiences in redesigned learning environments. But formal preparation for next generation teaching and learning is nascent. And traditional professional development falls short in filling this need.

Next gen professional learning is built upon the research of adult learning and mirrors the core principles of next gen learning for students: agency, self-direction, and high-quality content personalized to educators’ strengths and needs. The learning is ongoing, iterative, collaborative, focused on mastering competencies through authentic experiences, and data-driven. Micro-credentials, coaching, job-embedded learning, and design thinking are shaping the future of professional learning for educators.

The resources here provide an on-ramp to the specific and unique competencies required of next generation educators, strategies for providing professional learning opportunities, and new structures to invest in educators and recognize their learning. We know that when educators are thoroughly prepared to take on their essential role in next gen learning—and when they experience authentic, continuous, and deep learning—that’s when next gen learning thrives.

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